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Dec 2017

Betcha Didn’t See That Coming

Find out how to ensure a lucky 2018 with this episode on New Year's lore! The ladies discuss the Solstice, early New Year's celebrations, and what color undies will ring your new year in with cash money. We also reflect on the first year (well, four months) of our podcast and recount some of our favorite topics and episodes. See you next year!

Dec 2017

The Straggele is Real

It's time to get ho-ho-horrified with the latest episode! The ladies discuss the spookier aspects of Christmas, including Iceland's Yule Cat, Gryla, and the Yule Lads, as well as Krampus and Frau Perchta. Check out our instagram (@spoophour) for photos from today's episode. From the Spoop Hour team, have a delightfully spoopy holiday season!

Dec 2017

Childhood: An Endless Terror

The ladies take a journey to the past with special ghost Alex to delve deep into some of the things that frightened us as children. Spoiler alert: it's almost everything. Start reliving your fears of the dark, velociraptors, and of course, the boogeyman!

Dec 2017

A Real Snoodle Doodle

In a megasized (un)lucky 13th episode, the ladies take their first ever field trip to a local psychic and discuss the history of prestidigitation: palmistry, psychics, and tarot - oh my!