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Jan 2018


Did you know that Courtney and Sasha are noted sports experts? Neither did they. Listen as they walk through the spooky side of the sports world, talking ghosts of players including the Gipper and Michael Plume, stadiums built on burial grounds, curses from billy goats, and more.

Jan 2018

Hear the Ghosts Echoing Tonight

Courtney and Sasha embrace their inner Toto fans to take a journey to Africa! The ladies discuss the haunted places of South Africa, Shetani, Zimbabwean ghosts, and more. Round it out with a story about spooky spiders and other ghosts from a listener submission, and you're ready to bless the rains down in Africa!


(CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sexual assault occurs from 30:30 to 32:30.)

Jan 2018

Dial H for Haunted Manor

On this week's episode, the ladies discuss spooky manors - those vast, sprawling estates with just as many ghosts as Tiffany windows. First revisit the Queen Mary for a firsthand ghost experience from Marcus of Popcorn Prattle. Then learn more about the circumstances surrounding the Winchester Mystery House and take a literary journey through haunted mansions both fictional and real.

Jan 2018

Things That Go Fart in the Night

They're heeere! The ladies wrangle with poltergeists on this week's episode, discussing the curse of the film Poltergeist and the Portsmouth Poltergeist. Play along to Call the Exorcist, Call the Plumber, or Call the Electrician, and steel yourself for some spoop!

Jan 2018

Yass Voodoo Toilet Queen

Happy New Year! For the first time this year, Courtney and Sasha are PWT (podcasting while tired) and discussing ghosts who share their names. Learn about the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau, and Hanako, the toilet ghost of Japan. The ladies also discuss their inclusion in #2PodsADay for January and February and their podcast aspirations for the year.



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