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Ghosts Come from a Land Down Undah

February 28, 2018 @ 12:38 pm

Sydney spoop awaits in this special episode on ghosts of Australia! Courtney and Sasha discuss Courtney's recent trip to Sydney and the ghosts who call it home. Wander the dark and spooky grounds of the Manly Quarantine Station, learn about the ghosts of the Rocks in downtown Sydney, and the spooky circumstances of the ghost train fire in Luna Park.


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Whoosh Through the Portal

February 20, 2018 @ 8:00 am

Courtney and Sasha delve into spooky stories of kids who remember their past lives in this week's episode! We revisit Jim Tucker with UVA's paranormal studies department as well as 5 kids who remembered an absurd level of detail about a life that isn't theirs...including that of a Hollywood agent during the Golden Age, twins who remembered the lives of their deceased sisters, and a little boy who knew everything about a boy who was murdered before he was born.

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Roses are Red, Violets are Boo

February 13, 2018 @ 9:05 am

Embrace the dark side of love with tales of ghostly lovers! Courtney and Sasha explore haunted heartbreak with Joseph Forepaugh and Molly, the White Lady of Chatham Manor, the Grey Lady of Dudley Castle, Doris Walpole the Brown Lady, and more. Celebrate Valentine's Day with the discussion of Tinder for ghosts and how we should all treat women better!

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February 6, 2018 @ 10:16 am

In a very special episode, the gentlemen from BSP: The Idio[t]syncrasy Files join Courtney and Sasha to explore haunted hotels in Arizona and Virginia. Hotels discussed include Nevada's horrifying clown motel, the Jerome Grand Hotel, Miss Lucy at the Olde Towne Inn, and more. And check out BSP wherever you listen to your podcasts!

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