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Mar 2018

Twinister Twinsanity

In this episode, we delve into the mysteries that surround the spookiest kind of siblings: twins! From the Silent Twins to the sinister twins in movies, get spooped with the lore behind the evil twin trope. And what twins episode would be complete without the folie a deux of the Eriksson twins?

Mar 2018

Ruining Sleepovers

Ten urban legends get the spoop treatment in this week's episode! We take a look at stories best told at a sleepover with a flashlight under your face, including the choking dog, the doll whose hair grows, the clown statue, and more.

Mar 2018

Spoopy Charms (They’re Magically Delicious)

Journey to the Emerald Isle in time for St. Patrick's Day and get to know the local spoop! Featuring ghost stories from the 1800s, the most haunted Irish pub in America, and cryptids that are just waiting to be kissed because they're Irish.

Mar 2018

Boomuda Triangle

Dreaming of a Caribbean vacation? You might stop after this episode, which centers on the legend of the Bermuda Triangle! Hear about 10 mysterious incidents and their potentially supernatural causes...