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Apr 2018

Spoopspeare ft 33% Pulp

Hope you're ready to get your PhD in spoop with this week's megasized episode! We are joined by 2 of the hosts of 33% Pulp to rock talk about the spooky side of Shakespeare. Everything from witches to ghosts to the bubonic plague is covered, so get the historical context behind some of literature's most famous supernatural entities!



(NOTE: There were some audio issues with one of the guests early in the episode. We tried to edit around it while still maintaining the thread of conversation, and the full audio resumes about 8 minutes in.)

Apr 2018

Paranormal Hangover

Have you ever noped out of an antique store because a doll was looking at you the wrong way? Then this episode is for you! This week we take a look at haunted/cursed objects, including the Myrtles Plantation Mirror, the Dibbuk Box, the Hope Diamond, and of course, Annabelle and Aida, two old-timey dolls that are out to ruin lives.

Apr 2018

Dole Hole

Is Disneyland really the happiest place on earth or is it just the most haunted? We explore the spooky side of Disney this week, discussing the Haunted Mansion and its origins, the Tower of Terror, and the man, the myth, the legend himself, Walt Disney. Find out whether he really is cryogenically frozen under Cinderella's castle!