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May 2018

Beastie from the Seastie

We're closing out MerMay with legends of sea monsters in this week's episode! Learn about the elusive Kraken, a variety of sea monsters both real and mythical, and then kick over to a freshwater loch for the end all and be all of loch monsters: Nessie. With a listener story about arsonist pirate ghosts, terrible pronunciation of Gaelic and Norwegian words, and real talk about deep sea bloat, it's an episode you don't want to miss.

May 2018

Spoop Half Hour: We Love a Globster

In our first ever mini episode, we take a quick look at some haunted theaters around DC, discuss the Monster of Monterey Bay, and state our love for enthusiastic rock band drummers. We are also soliciting questions for a potential Q&A fun sized episode in the next few weeks, so ask us anything (it doesn't have to be spoop related!): spoophour@gmail.com



WE ARE MOVING, so our schedule will be a bit wonky in the coming weeks. There will be a full sized episode next week, then another fun sized one, then either a week off or a mini episode, for that weekend we move into the new Spoop House. Thank you for your patience!


May 2018

The Lost City of Fartlantis

We swim back to MerMay in this episode, checking out sunken civilizations of both myth and reality! Learn where and when the myth of the lost city of Atlantis began, hear about how we're all secretly from Mu, and take a dive off a tiny island in Japan to discover the Yonaguni Monument.

May 2018

Boink and How Do You Feel

It's time for some spoop care! We tried reiki and crystal healing this week with a mixed success rate. Learn about the history of reiki, using rocks to bonk away illness, and why you really don't have to talk to fish if you don't want to.

May 2018

Too Hot to Be a Fish

It's MerMay y'all! Dive in to this episode covering the most bewitching of all sea creatures: mermaids. Get to know some of the oldest documented mermaid myths, hear the bleak details of the original Little Mermaid, and learn why the sequel to the Shape of Water probably isn't about dugongs.