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Spoop Hour

Jun 2018

ALIENS (hands)

We want to believe in this out of this world episode! We rock talk about <hands>ALIENS</hands>, including what's the deal with Area 51, the Bridgewater Triangle, and the original UFO sighting from Barney and Betty Hill.

Jun 2018

Burr Hole, Sir Hole

Get squicked with us as we take a look at the creepy side of medicine! Featuring wild speculation about the Toxic Lady of Riverside and a journey through some of the grosser corners of historical medicine, this episode will make you glad that they only trepan with diamonds now.

Jun 2018

Spoop Three Quarter Hour: Boo & A

In our first ever Q&A, we answer questions from listeners and pod friends! Find out which one of us is deathly afraid of zombies, which one of us is cool with peeing in the shower, and which paranormal cases creep us out the most.

Jun 2018

Spoop Half Hour: Tell Me About it Stud

In a very special episode, we bust out Sasha's 50+ year old Ouija board and commune with local spirits in our area! Spoiler alert: More happens than we were expecting...so listen to us get thoroughly spooped!