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Jul 2018

Don’t Know Ship About Ships

Set sail for ghost ships! Learn the stories behind eight infamous ghosts ships, like the mischief that befell the Mary Celeste, the otherworldly horror of the Ourang Medan, and the infamous Flying (or Frying?) Dutchman. Also get the tools you need to recognize if you're in a love triangle and on course to cause watery mayhem...

Jul 2018


Step right up for the creepier side of summer: haunted theme parks and attractions! Featuring the game Haunted Theme Park or Episode of Scooby Doo?, a discussion of Lake Shawnee Amusement Park's bloody history, the mysteries surrounding Okpo Land, and the pinnacle of creepy childhood rats, Chuck E. Cheese, get ready for a ride on the rollerghoster.


(Be sure to stick around to the very end for an impromptu duet of a song you might recognize...)

Jul 2018

Soups Gross

In a very girthy episode, we're joined by special ghost Maxwell from Relic: The Lost Treasure Podcast and Everything is Crystals! We explore the world of historical oddities and mysteries, like the recently uncovered sarcophagus, the Catacombs in Paris, and Russia's greatest love machine, Rasputin. Grab your honey, hollowed gourds, and weird skull torches for a wild ride through history!

Jul 2018

Lizzie ThunderBirden

We focus on Americana-ish spoop this week by traveling to New England to axe questions about Lizzie Borden and the Bridgewater Triangle! Find out how much it costs to stay in the room where Lizzie gave her mother 40 whacks, what haunted hitchhikers you need to watch out for on Route 44, and the fantastic beasts that call the Triangle home.