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Spoop Hour

Oct 2018

Mysterious Halloween Hodgepodge

Happy Halloween! We're celebrating our favorite holiday with a monster mash of fun stuff, like a Mad Lib (spoiler alert: Zachary Levi makes a guest appearance), a spooky sweet story from listener Augie Peterson, and hot trends to look for this Halloween. Then hold on to your sparkly pumpkin butts: we explore the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horsemen around the world!

Oct 2018

Spoop Half Hour: The Platypillar and the Greasy Pineapple

It's a Mad Lib creepypasta minisode this week! We take turns with spooky Halloween Mad Libs before revisiting a previously discussed creepypasta newly rewritten by Courtney.


Want to do a Mad Lib with us, tell us a creepypasta, or share a spooky story in time for Halloween? We've opened up submissions at spoophour [at] gmail [dot] com to include any creepy campfire stories for the month of October, so try to spoop us!

Oct 2018

I Wanted Spooperpowers But All I Got was This Evil Clown

It's the birthday season for your favorite spoopy hosts! We talk creepy celebrations and birthday traditions from around the world, including the superpowers you might have if you're born on Halloween, some otherworldly party crashers to watch out for, and why you just shouldn't have a birthday in Switzerland. Grab your Cake Man and settle in for another hour of spoop!

Oct 2018

Hook Hands: Not Even Once

It's spoopy story hour on this week's episode! We take turns reading each other spooky campfire stories, folk tales, and creepypastas and rank them on a scale of one to five ghosts. Dive into Ted the Caver, the urban legend of the killer with the hook hand, and the legend of the disappearing innkeepers...and remember, if you see something spooky, say something spooky!

Oct 2018

Ghosts Go to College to Get More Knowledge

Get your B.O.O. degree with this week's episode! We're joined by very special ghost Dr. Alysa Lucas of the podcasts Best Forevers and Fatal Friends to talk haunted colleges and universities. Learn about Penn State's "ghost trail", the slowest burning man in Scotland, and why you shouldn't try astral projection at Ohio University.