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Nov 2018

Spoop Half Hour-ish: What I Like About Boo

Still recovering from Thanksgiving? Kick back with this week's minisode in which we answer a listener question and some of the 36 questions that lead to love. We talk dream dinner party guests, embarrassing body stories, phoning it in in Japanese class, and more.


Nov 2018

Birds of Bad Moral Character: Gobble Gobble Oh God

Let's spoop it up this Thanksgiving! We're talking turkey with an episode on toilet potatoes and other Thanksgiving horror stories and spooky harvest festivals from around the world. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Nov 2018

Boom Bust Boom

A new episode? Why, there hasn't been a new episode here in 47 years...this week, we're exploring the phenomena of ghost towns, from the unsettling, like Hashima Island and Rhyolite, Nevada, to the haunted like Catawba and Goldfield. Get ready to pan for gold!

Nov 2018

Them Thar Spooky Woods

Looking for another reason to avoid the forest? You're in luck with this week's episode! We're talking creepy and unsettling woods, including those home to unruly pirate ghosts, those housing a frantically spinning gorilla/horse centaur, and those overrun with dolls. Grab your favorite lumberjack and venture into the woods with care...