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Dec 2018

Merry Christmas Ya Fachan Fairies

Join us on a festive joy ride through the world of fairies this week! We explore both naughty and nice fairies from the sugar plum fairy to all the ones that want to eat you (spoiler alert: it is many). With a listener story exploring a near miss at the Coconut Grove, a quiz to see which Christmas monster we are, a game about what is or is not a bloodthirsty fairy, unwrap some fun this holiday. Happy holidays from your spoopy hosts!

Dec 2018

Gritty Reboot of Toy Story

We're unwrapping tales of horrible dolls this week Find out why you should keep the gift receipt on dolls Robert, Charley, and Mandy, the pros and cons of wara ningyo, and more.

Dec 2018

Elf Care for All

It's time to take a closer look at those tiny creatures that help Santa maintain his reputation: get to know elves this week! We discuss early Norse mythology surrounding the mythical beings, including why you shouldn't pee in an elf circle, before traveling to Japan to peek in trees and see who lives in there.

Dec 2018

More Yeti-Based Holidays

Grab your disco tent and bundle up for an exploration of weird and spooky winter holidays from around the world! Get festive for Frozen Dead Guy Days, throw some beans for Setsubun, find out why people strip for Japan's Naked Festival, and more.