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Jan 2019

Hypno-Sis and Hypno-Bro

Wash your brain, we're talking about cults this week! We give the skinny on MK Ultra, the Family, and more. Join us for a discussion of why Courtney gets mad about cults and what happens when we forget the word hypnotist.


(CW/TW: Child abuse discussion from 35:07 to 44:16)

Jan 2019

I’m Gonna Fight the Psychic

Better late than never! It's the recap you've been waiting for: Courtney details her trip to California, including her time with the ghosts of the Queen Mary, like Jackie the pool ghost, Henry the scratcher in the boiler room, and Linzi of 33% Pulp. Then get the details on the ongoing feud between Sasha and psychics, why Courtney needs new friends, and why you might need a candle for an unexpected reason.

Jan 2019

Ouija Redux: Beware the Tongue

While Sasha recovers from a nasty sinus infection, enjoy this sneak preview of Courtney's California adventures! Here, listen to Linzi (of 33% Pulp) and Courtney attempt to contact the spirits on the notoriously haunted Queen Mary, discuss the appliance most likely to be haunted, and more. (We're hoping to release a proper episode later this week!)


[please note: towards the end of the episode there is minor discussion of body horror in terms of childhood accidents]

Jan 2019

The Chair Don’t Care

We tried a new kind of spoopy self care this week: sound energy massage! Learn some of the history behind the practice of sound healing, discuss the joys of 111 Hz, and hear about our first hand experience of the magic chair.

Jan 2019

Spoop Half Hour: The Unicorn in the Teacup

We're spilling the tea on each other's tea leaves this week! Find out what 2019 holds for your Spoop hosts, meet our new (temporary) intern Rachel, and learn a little bit about how to read loose leaf tea. Happy New Year!