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Spoop Hour

Feb 2019


We're celebrating our 69th official episode by getting to know some NICE ghosts! Learn how the Nutt family found their pot o' silver, meet Olive Thomas, the flirtiest chorus ghost, heed the warnings of South Carolina's Gray [weather]Man, and always trust the advice of ghostly butlers in old English manors. Also a ghost solves her own murder, which is pretty NICE!

Feb 2019

It’s Witching Hour

Scary for kids, scary for Sashas, it's the right time for a new episode! What time is it? The witching hour! We're talking spooky times like midnight and 3AM. Learn some explanations for the witching hour (from the religious to the scientific), meet La Mala Hora, find out the connection between the witching hour and the Amityville horror, and more.

Feb 2019

Be Your Own Boo

Happy almost Valentine's Day! We're celebrating this sweet holiday with the sour side of love: the ghosts and haunting tales of jilted lovers. Learn why we don't deserve Anne Boleyn, the similarities between roosters and women scorned, the upsetting circumstances around Evelyn Nesbit's love triangle, the legend of La Llorona, and more.

Feb 2019

Oh No a Ninja Assassin

Courtney is back from Japan! She recaps her adventures, both spooky and otherwise, to Sasha. Learn about probable haunted spots like Nijo Castle and Kinkakuji, secretly haunted places like Fushimi Inari and Gridley Tunnel, and the spoopiest restaurant in the world, Yurei Izakaya. Also find out why Sasha has to dethrone Courtney as the queen of Kingdom Hearts.