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Mar 2019

The PSIence of Exploding Corpses

Death is weird! Let's talk about it - specifically, the strange phenomena of exploding corpses and crisis apparitions. First, say OVER MY DEAD BODY with a game about funeral traditions, then find out what makes bodies go boom, what a crisis apparition is, and why they're not the same as ghosts.

Mar 2019

Ghosts Love Paella

Hola from a new episode dedicated to the spoop of Spain featuring special ghost Courtney from the Cult of Domesticity podcast! Learn why you should exercise paranormal caution when using Spain's metro, meet some ghosts of some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in Barcelona, and hear Washington Irving's self-insert fanfic, AKA a love story with a maiden in a tower.

Mar 2019

Religious Gumbo

Double dip your holiday spoop with an episode on Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day-adjacent spookiness! Test your trivia knowledge of Mardi Gras versus jazz funerals and meet a few friendly New Orleans ghosts. Then hop the Atlantic to get to know banshees, leprechauns, and several ghosts and poltergeists, including the woman with no face, a lady in white, the Derry vampire, and more.

Mar 2019

Just Say No to Paranormal Slut Shaming

Hold on to your snacks: we're talking twisty turn-y tales of black widows this week! Learn about the actual spiders, pop culture representations of women who murder, and widow ghosts before hearing the bananas stories surrounding the murders perpetrated by Audrey Hilley and Kelly Cochran. Also discussed: THE SNACKET, the best (and worst) March Madness bracket that deals exclusively with snacks. Check it out here: https://bit.ly/2TwOD6C