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Spoop Hour

Apr 2019

Then the Frogs Came

It's not a dream: on this week's episode, we're talking nightmares! Everything from deja reve to nightmare logic to zombies to rains of frogs is getting spooped, so grab your baku talisman and tuck yourself in.

Apr 2019

It’s Not Me, It’s the Jinn

Did you wish for a new episode? Wish granted, no lamp rubbing necessary! We're talking jinns, genies, and wishes gone wrong this week, though we take a lengthy detour into the worlds of cloaca, pooping on airplanes, and where the Shrek movies went wrong.

Apr 2019

Spoop Half Hour: A Very Cheese-Positive Household

In a very special minisode, we talk to the one and only Snack Czar of the much discussed Snacket! We talk the history and future of the Snacket, favorite snacks, how terrible pickles are, possible snack matchups, and more. Make a charcuterie board and have a listen!


(We'll be back with a regular episode next week after our spoopy spring break ends. Check out the Snacket at thesnacket.net, on Facebook, or Twitter @thesnacket.)

Apr 2019

Not Kinky, Just Superstitious

Special ghost and real life friend Mike joins us to chat superstitions! Whether you're superstitious (or just a little stitious), answer the question Feelin' Lucky, Punk? Then Mike tells us why the left-handed get the short end of the stick when it comes to superstitions. Then look at colors, food, and beverages through the lens of the paranormal to find out how to wear, eat, and drink good luck.