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May 2019

Live Fast, Fry Fast

SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION. Is it real? (Probably not.) Is it weird? (For sure.) Are we talking about it this week? ABSOLUTELY. We talk the science and theories behind all varieties of spontaneous human combustion before investigating the case of the Cinder Woman Mary Reeser and other historical instances of humans bursting into flame.

May 2019

Egypt is So Cool

We're traveling back in time to explore the spooky lore of ancient Egypt! From historical monsters to one of the world's oldest ghost stories, we're talking about how much we love ancient Egypt one blood-drinking vampire goddess at a time.

May 2019

Boos and Updates

The news has been abnormally spoopy, so get caught up on the latest cults, secret identities, and more with this episode! We discuss the Sarah Lawrence cult incident, the mysterious case of Treva Throneberry, and which reclusive cryptid may have finally made an appearance...