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Jun 2019

You’ve Got Ghoul

Cast a distrusting eye at your computer: we're talking ghosts in the machine this week! Get the deets on haunted technology in pop culture, a haunted laptop that made its way to eBay, a probable creepypasta about getting messages from a loved one from beyond the grave via social media, and more. Then we get introspective about the nature of grief and bring it back up with our favorite meme this week!

Jun 2019

Gals Being Pals, Bros Being Hos

We bring special ghost Mike back for a MEGA SIZED episode on LGBT spoop! Hear about two haunted gay bars, queercoding monsters and villains like the Babadook, and possibly gay cartoons. Then learn about civil rights icon and incredible gay man Bayard Rustin: his life, his love story, and what we think he'd be like as a ghost. Finally, meet the latest member of the Badass Non-Straight Ladies of History Club: Charlotte Cushman, a lesbian actress known for playing male and female roles and living the most bananas life.

Jun 2019

Boo-tie Catcher

We're spooping while sleepy on this week's minisode! Hear about Sasha's haunted train toy and Courtney's mysteriously bloodstained hotel bed. Then find out our paranormal futures with a spoopy cootie catcher (aka paper fortune teller).

Jun 2019

Julie D’Aubigny Did Nothing Wrong

It's a MURDER EPISODE this week! While not necessarily spoopy, both Courtney and Sasha love some true crime, so we talk two of the spoopiest cases we know: the Andrews family haunting and the Carbon Copy Murders. Then, just in time for Pride and to lift us back up, meet our new favorite bisexual swashbuckling serial stabber Julie D'Aubigny!