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Jul 2019

Yeet! That! Baby!

Last week it was parents, this week it's BLACK EYED KIDS doing the scaring! Learn about the relatively recent phenomenon of black eyed children, from the first story documenting them to a few tales of otherwordly BEK encounters. Finally, stick around for a discussion of why Nextdoor is the perfect place to solve the mystery of BEK (and who keeps leaving banana peels near our house.)

Jul 2019

Parental Scare Tactics ft Crawlspace Carlos

We collected stories from friends, listeners, and fellow podcasters for an episode on ways our parents scared us into behaving! From threats of removing your batteries to being left at a pumpkin patch/orphanage, hear family lore of all varieties with one goal: to keep you from breaking rules. Hear us talk snallygasters, boogeymen, things that will kill and/or eat you, and then join us for a discussion of why you maybe shouldn't scare your kid. And finally, hear a few stories of kids who scare their parents with the things they see...

Jul 2019

Unsupervised Ham Radio Hour

Regress with us back to past lives this week! How can you tell if you've had a past life? Past life regression, of course! We (sorta) tried to figure out who we might have been, and are talking some interesting instances of recovered past life memories. Featuring shared stories from listeners, podfriends, and various internet people who remember everything from being a monk in Spain in the 1300s to colonizing Africa with the British Army.

Jul 2019

Plumber Bummer (Don’t Break the Chain)

SEND THIS EPISODE OF SPOOP HOUR TO 7 PEOPLE or they won't get to laugh at tales from chain letters of yore! We talk classic chain letters, like the clown statue, not turning on the light, and Bye Daddy, to the newer tales of Saki, Teddy, and Carmen Winstead. From the days of paying postage to scare your friends to posting chain death in youtube comments, learn all you need to know about that which plagues your inbox.

Jul 2019

Dusty Old Crones

It's time for a spoopy sleepover! Dr. Alysa Lucas of Best Forevers and Fataliteas joins us for a discussion of spooky sleepover staples. Hear the most upsetting story you'll ever know about bears with recorded voices, get to know Bloody Mary, and learn the ways we would have died in historical times. Sleep with the lights on!