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Aug 2019

Congratulations, You Cursed Yourself

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: this week we're talking curses! From King Tut's tomb to paintings that burn down houses, get the deets on how to spot curses, how to break them according to the Traveling Witch and Witchipedia, and infamous stories of cursed Egyptian artifacts. And if you were planning on getting your friend a mummy hand for a paperweight...maybe don't!

Aug 2019


In the longest ever Spoop Hour minisode, we catch up with the spooky things we've been up to! With Sasha's ghost tour in Harper's Ferry, Courtney's newly stolen books on Weird Virginia and Victorian ghost stories, and a listener story, we have a spoopy hodgepodge primed and ready for you. Pi-yahtzee!

Aug 2019

Doppelgangers are So Fetch

In our most Mean Girls episode ever, we talk doppelgangers (and toaster strudel?)! The spooky variant on twins, traverse the history of doppelgangers from Egypt to Norse mythology to the term FETCH. Then dive in to pop culture, literature, and historical accounts of doppelgangers wreaking havoc on lives.