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Sep 2019

Spirit Photography Ruins Friendships

After an excursion to our local Halloween Selfie Museum (yes, that's a real thing), we discuss the spooky art of spirit photography! From the history of ghosts in pictures like Freddy Jackson and the Girl in the Fire to William Mumler and William Hope, probable frauds and spirit photographers, learn about some ghosts popping up in photos and get tips for capturing your own ghost on camera.


(AUDIO ALERT: We recorded the first part of the episode in my car on a cell phone, so the audio is less than stellar. If you may be bothered by it, please skip to 11:12 where our clean audio begins.)

Sep 2019

Nerd Club for Nerds

Turns out Virginia is a weird commonwealth! We take a look at some of the stuff that makes our home state weird, like secret societies at state schools like UVA and one man's giant ham best friend. We also dive into a cultish temple located too close to home for our liking...

(cw/tw: 40:33 to 44:55 child abuse; 47:54 to 49:42 sexual assault)

Sep 2019

Rip Van Us

Tall tales: they're like regular tales, but bigger! We dive into a pretty American style of legend this week and talk about Paul Bunyan (or is it Paul Bon Jean?), John Henry the steel-drivin' man, the Great Dismal Swamp, and Virginia's own Chessie. Get the deets on recent llama bites, spiders, and maraschino cherry updates.

Sep 2019

Two Years Boo Years

It's Spoop Hour's second podiversary special! We've been podcasting for TWO WHOLE YEARS (almost), so we celebrate with a listener story about a haunted farm, two games (spoopy Would You Rather and what cryptid are you with a fun twist), a featured creature, and a ghost tour irl. We've also got some exciting announcements about new merch and our eventual Patreon. Thanks for sticking with us for two years!


Take What Cryptid Are You here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/spoophour/what-cryptid-are-you-cs5ts9319w