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Aug 2018

More Than One Gothic Feminist Queen

August 28, 2018

Get literary with us in this extra English major-y episode! We discuss the queens (and kings) of literary spoop, centering on Newgate Novels, the 1800s as a murder-obsessed true crime culture, and some prominent figures in the spooky scene. Get to know William Godwin, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Mary Shelley, and of course, Sasha's problematic literary boyfriend, Edgar Allen Poe. (Be sure to stick around til the end of the episode to hear an outtake in which we get spooped by a mystery noise!)


Mentioned in this episode: Our friend Kristen's GoFundMe for a service dog. If you want to donate (because you are incredible and generous), please visit https://www.gofundme.com/a-service-dog-for-kristen. <3